Writing Daily

I’ve begun making an effort at writing daily. In the past I wrote daily, and did so for many years (I have about a decade of journals that attest to those efforts). Then one day I stopped, became busy with so many other things in life and let this habit fall by the wayside. I feel it greatly benefitted me then, giving me the space to search out my thoughts, to articulate what I was thinking and experiencing. I felt I knew and understood myself better when I was writing daily. Sometimes it was just a place to vent as well.

That is what “Notes for the Eaten” is – nothing more than a place to write on a daily basis. Posts under this category should come just about every day except those days I’ve been writing on longer form pieces. For instance, I spent yesterdays writing allotment working on the next part of the Ghost articles. “Notes for the Eaten” posts are not meant to be structured or with purposeful direction. Their whole point is a place for me to practice writing daily and to loosen up, vent, document day to day aspects of living, etc. More journal entries than articles. Since the whole point of this blog is fundamentally for me, it shouldn’t matter, but I write this on the slim chance anyone out there has bothered to peruse this site and may find it interesting or worthy of reading.

Author: Jason Jacobs

Jason Jacobs is an artist, project manager, and frontend web designer living and working in Boise, Idaho. Beyond work he spends his time with family, as well as reading, writing articles for Uhmm, and working on his art. All words and opinions, etc., are his and do not reflect the positions or beliefs of anyone other than himself.