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Sculpture Round-up

I have been behind on documenting my sculpture work. Here are the latest.

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Notes for the Eaten

Random notes and posts, missives for the electronic ether, more journal than article or essay.

See? It's January

It's that time of year again; the droll, grey, seemingly forever empty days of January.

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2023 End of the Year Wrap-up

Here we are again, another year gone by. Looking back at 2023, breaking it down, and tossing out hopes and ambitions for 2024.

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Heavy Rotation

I average 50 hours of music listening a week. Selections from what I’ve been listening to, what I’ve found, and what is on heavy rotation.

Heavy Rotation: Vol 8

Covering musical selections from Swans, Ministry, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Gregory Alan Isakov, Big|Brave, and 3TEETH.

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Latest Posts

A selection of the latest from everything: long form, short form, art, music, etc.

Sculpting Freddy Krueger

For my next sculpt, I attempted to recreate a pose from a childhood poster.

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Sculpting Tools

In an effort to document my sculpting journey, I present you with a list of tools.

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Memory Play

A little word salad surrounding thoughts of memory and change.

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