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Ghosts: Part 4

The recollection of a young mans enlistment in the Marine Corps and the memories of M.O.S. school at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

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Notes for the Eaten

Random notes and posts, missives for the electronic ether, more journal than article or essay.

2022 End of the Year Wrap Up

2022 end fo the year wrap up – a quick summary of 2022, goals achieved, goals missed, and my wishes for the coming year.

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What’s Been Going on of Late

A quick laundry list of what’s been going on of late in my life. Work, blog platform, sporadic writing, etc.

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Heavy Rotation

I average 50 hours of music listening a week. Selections from what I’ve been listening to, what I’ve found, and what is on heavy rotation.

Heavy Rotation: Vol 5

Covering musical selections from PJ Harvey, Black Angels, Circe (Music Composed for “The Show of Shows”), Tunde Adebimpe, TV on the Radio, and Tom Waits.

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Latest Posts

A selection of the latest from everything: long form, short form, art, music, etc.

Pizza Party

A comic I’ll call, “Pizza Party”, from 2008. Recently found on a old photo sharing site. Created shortly before the 2008 recession.

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Aged Like Milk

My dire prediction for the mid-term election has aged like milk. That’s quite okay with me.

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The Days and the Dark Days

A short recap of the days, autumns return, writing struggles, the dark political days ahead.

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