Everything's Fucked

Everything’s fucked.

There, I said it. I cleared the air. It feels good to let that out. It’s no panacea for the great mountain of shit coming down, but it is a bit of a pressure release. Let me say it again: Everything’s fucked.

Please, don’t waste your breath telling me that things could be worse. Don’t point to some moment in the past and declare, “Think it’s bad now? Imagine blah-blah-blah…”. You can take those words, along with any prayers you have, and leave.

It’s obvious I’m upset about the SCOTUS’s decision to do away with Roe Vs. Wade. For sure, that’s one thing eating away at me. It was no surprise, but it’s still fucked. I mean, I’m now living in a country where my wife and step-daughter no longer have autonomy over their own bodies. Where an outdated, decrepit faction of this country has taken away the rights of women, justifying themselves with a piece of paper written over 200 years ago because it didn’t recognize their right to make their own decisions over their bodies, let alone recognize that they even existed. But hey, maybe you’re a woman and you don’t like abortion? Great! Then don’t have one. But get your fucking nose out of everyone else’s personal decisions. It’s none of your fucking business. Your ancient and outdated mythologies, your misunderstanding of what a clump of cells are, has no bearing on anything. Fuck off.

We have a politicized, conservative branch of the Supreme Court, staffed by old men, lackeys of the GOP, one likely rapist, and at least one religious nut job. Great representation there…good job America! When it comes to winning, we’re winning the crazy Olympics beyond a doubt. No competition there.

We further have a Supreme Court (how fucking laughable that title sounds now) bending the interpretation of law so that our tax dollars can now fund religious institutions. Must be pretty sweet to be a religious education center now – you can spread your religious propaganda tax free, and have American citizens fund it too! Too bad so sad for the separation of church and state.

While they’re at it, how about making it even easier for motherfuckers to get weapons and to carry them everywhere they go. It’s not like we have an unprecedented level of gun violence in this country. We wouldn’t want our paranoid, frightened, American brethren to have to go out into the world without their pacifier, now would we? ‘Merica!

I’m living in a country where hateful people use their 2000 year old mythology to denigrate people that don’t look like them, or share in their twisted, outdated, sexist, racist, beliefs. A country that allows those fanatics to use their religion to hurt the lives of others, to stomp on their right to happiness, justified by a deity conjured up by illiterate sand dwellers. These idiots scream and whine about government invading their lives, but they do not hesitate to try and dictate whom other people can love, marry, or sleep with. These insecure busybodies cannot wait to nose their way into your bedroom, to demand you live like them, demand you praise their gods, their twisted interpretations of dead books. Government intrusion is not for them, but it’s good for you when it does their bidding.

Meanwhile our Democracy, what’s left of it anyway, is blazing toward its obliteration as far-right MAGA ass-hats chip away at its foundation, bending and subverting the rule of law, while their uneducated, hateful base cheers them on. Awesome! Good job America, winning in so many ways! They love America and democracy so much they’re hell bent on destroying it and replacing it with an authoritarian dictatorship or theocracy…either one will do for these frightened shit heels…though they’re mindless enough to think they’re somehow preserving democracy. Did you hear that explosion? That’s my mind being blown. No, it wasn’t another white supremacist American terrorist executing a bunch of innocent children with an assault rifle.

We barely dodged a bullet with the orange clown, just about the stupidest fucking piece of shit you could ever appoint to any task outside of taking out the garbage, though almost 40% of Americans have a favorable view of this criminal. My assumption is most of that 40% would vote for this traitor again! Yes, even as he tried to undermine our democracy, steal an election, collude with our enemies…they’d vote for him again! I’m at a point, where outside of saying, EVERYTHING’S FUCKED, I don’t believe there is any hope for America.

The climate? Should I even bother bringing up that horribly depressing notification of impending demise? We have half the country in la-la-land, brainwashed to believe nothing is happening while every year there is another handful of “once in a lifetime” events, while it gets hotter, and dryer, while storm systems get more powerful, while more people suffer the ramifications of climate change, while our politicians do absolutely nothing to change any of this because they’re bought and sold by mega-corporations that give zero fucks about anything other than their bottom line. When it comes to the climate, I guess their is some satisfaction in knowing the Earth is going to make it. Once humanity has wiped itself out, the Earth will heal in time and get on with living. It’s just too bad for humanity and everyone that has to suffer the consequences. Great inheritance for our children! More winning!

Should I continue exhausting myself? Should I dive into the rot of our political institutions? The lack of funding for education? The growing disparity between the rich and the poor? The continued discrimination against, and the state sanctioned murders, of black and brown citizens? Should I talk about the inability of a whole fucking generation to find affordable housing, to get an education without crippling debt, to even plan for a future? To afford the basic, life sustaining care of a doctor?

Everything’s fucked. If you don’t, or cannot see that, you’re either in denial, or you’re not paying attention.

Author: Jason Jacobs

Jason Jacobs is an artist, project manager, and frontend web designer living and working in Boise, Idaho. Beyond work he spends his time with family, as well as reading, writing articles for Uhmm, and working on his art. All words and opinions, etc., are his and do not reflect the positions or beliefs of anyone other than himself.