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March Molding and Resin Casting Workshop


In March I participated in a casting workshop, getting my first hands on with molding and resin casting.

Sculpting Freddy Krueger


For my next sculpt, I attempted to recreate a pose from a childhood poster.

Sculpting Tools


In an effort to document my sculpting journey, I present you with a list of tools.

First Sculpt Completed


I Finished My First Sculpt

New Artistic Pursuit


I've started learning to sculpt in clay.

Thoughts on A.I. Generated Art


Ideas and opinions about the future of art and artists with the advent of A.I. generated art. Touches on Artbreeder, Midjourney, and Dall-E 2.

Cover Art


A quick update and snapshot of the cover art in development, and a short note on the latest long form piece in progress.

Elvis Partaking of a Large Cola Outside Flagstaff


Digital artwork of Elvis partaking of a large cola outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. Post talks about the image, process, and more.