What’s Been Going on of Late

This is my “What’s been going on of late” post. A quick laundry-list of where I’m at, what I’ve been doing, and what I hope to accomplish here in the short-term.

The main thing, of late, has been work. A hectic schedule, a number of changes, a difficult project, all of which has left me working extra hours in the evening and over the weekend. This has taken up most of the time I have for writing, drawing, or creating in general. Thankfully this looks to be changing. This weekend has been the first in awhile I did not work any extra hours. I used those extra hours to rest.

I have been putting down a few words here and there. Though it has literally amounted to a sentence here, a paragraph there. I have some extra time off in the next week for the holiday and hope to catch up on some of those words. I have a piece going that wraps up the Ghost’s military posts, and one about my father’s death. I’d also like to get in a years end Heavy Rotation post.

Art wise: I have an image that has moved at a snails pace, though it’s close to completion. I hope to complete that sometime soon.

This blog: I’m currently looking at dumping WordPress again. I’m on shared hosting, and having a WordPress install just bogs itself down. The load time on this site is abysmal and if it bothers me then anyone who happens along and cares to read some of these words is surely going to be bothered. I’ve already gone the route of caching, minimizing and compressing images, etc. It’s a lost cause. And I’m not willing to pay more for hosting.

So I’m looking at a flat-file CMS, and redoing this whole thing. It will likely amount to a very stripped down, very basic blog…unless I can figure out how the templating works. I’m looking at Pico, though I’ve never used Twig before. This should hopefully solve the speed/loading issues.

That’s the gist of what’s been going on of late.

Author: Jason Jacobs

Jason Jacobs is an artist, project manager, and frontend web designer living and working in Boise, Idaho. Beyond work he spends his time with family, as well as reading, writing articles for Uhmm, and working on his art. All words and opinions, etc., are his and do not reflect the positions or beliefs of anyone other than himself.