The Days Run Away

The days run away like wild horses over the hills. The title of a collection of poetry by Bukowski, who borrowed it from someone, I cannot recall whom. Fitting though, the days are running away, flipping by like shuffled cards, or galloping horses, fading into the distance and cresting the hills of memory. Lately I feel like I barely get a glimpse of the day before it’s gone.

Just some quick notes here for my own edification. Most of my free-time has been taken with a work related, after-hours, project. I hope to have that wrapped in the next week and to get back to my regular life. I left off with a three-quarters finished illustration ( that actually may be an overly optimistic estimation) a few weeks back. I look forward to getting that done. I also have one more “ghosts” post dealing with my time in the M.C. I’d like to wrap up. I have other “ghosts” posts I’m interested in writing which have nothing to do with the M.C.

Celebrated my 47th last week. We decided to take Juniper and reserved an hour and a half at Voicebox, a local Karaoke joint where you can reserve private rooms. It was a lot of fun and something I never would have done sober as a younger man. Something about getting older makes you so wholly not give a fuck about embarrassing yourself. Maybe it’s that everything is starting to wrinkle and sag and fall apart and you realize that it never mattered, and it definitely doesn’t fucking matter now, so cut loose and have some fun.

I find myself often speaking in terms of age now. “When Juniper’s 16 we’ll be…”. That sort of thing. Hard to imagine in a few short years I’ll be 50 years old. There were days as a young man I didn’t think I’d make it to 30. I’m sure plenty of young people in the throes of twenty-something melodrama express this naive sentiment, but it certainly felt real at times. And here I am now, probably at the most healthy and fit mentally and physically I’ve ever been. That version of me obviously didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. Damn if it doesn’t seem to go by faster now though. It seems just yesterday Juniper was in kindergarten and now she’s a teenager.

Author: Jason Jacobs

Jason Jacobs is an artist, project manager, and frontend web designer living and working in Boise, Idaho. Beyond work he spends his time with family, as well as reading, writing articles for Uhmm, and working on his art. All words and opinions, etc., are his and do not reflect the positions or beliefs of anyone other than himself.