Heavy Rotation: Vol 6

It seems like a ghost town around here lately. It's not that I haven't been working on material, or listening to music, it's that the latest piece of writing has been taking me forever. I lost the thread for awhile, but found it again, and it's expanded exponetially. Not that anyone gives a shit...this is a particularly quiet and personal world here on Uhmm. Anyway, Spring has sprung, and I'm peeking my head out a bit into the electric vistas. I have pieces in progress, so eventually there will be a blast of posts. And I have musical selections.

My music listening has veered from my normal listening routine in the past few months. I've been doing a lot of singles vs. albums, letting music services play recommendations in an attempt at some new musical discovery. I let these recommendations play, and then when I hear one that sounds good, I write it down. Later, on a weekend here or there, Erin and I will settle down in front of the downstairs stereo and take turns playing tracks for each other. Some of these stick around, some reveal themselves to have no longevity, leaving me wondering what the hell it was I heard the first time.

So this volume of Heavy Rotation is dedicated to a selection of those singles. I only vouch for the singles. Some of these bands I've further explored and found nothing more to personally become excited about, so understand this is not an endorsement of any of the artists, just a thumbs up to a handful of individual tracks.

Angel Olsen - Whole New Mess

Angel Olsen has a classic voice. I've listened to some of her music and have enjoyed it. I particulary like this track.

Spoon - Wild

This is just a cool, uplifting track. It makes me feel good when I listen to it. Maybe it'll make you feel good too?

Joy Division - Dead Souls

For a few weeks I think Google thought all I wanted to listen to was Joy Division and The Cure. It seemed like one out of every three recommendations was by either of these bands. Anyway, Dead Souls transports me back to the 90s, particularly to the Nine Inch Nails version. While I like that one, the original just has a different vibe I enjoy more.

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - A Daisy Chain for Satan

I don't think I had ever heard this song until recently. Just a cool song.

Nilufer Vanya - Midnight Sun

I like this song a lot. When I first heard it, a random piece coughed up by the Google as a recommendation, I was excited to listen to more by this artist. And I did. And I was disappointed. It was not for me. But this track is.

Silver Spun Pickups - Lazy Eye

This came out in 2007. When I first heard it recently, I thought it must have flown under the alternative banner back in the early to mid-90s. Just has that feel to it.

Josin - Evaporation

An incredibly beautiful song.

Current Joys - A Different Age

I don't even know how to explain what it is that I like about this song. It feels juvenile at points, and yet, there seems to be something so heartfelt, and crushed, that it just makes me like it. For all I know this is a terrible song, but that's okay. I like some terrible music at times.

Aldous Harding- The Barrel

Another random song served up that quickly became a musical earworm. Cool, smooth-sounding voice, strangely uplifting. All around cool song.

Superchunk- Like a Fool

Flashback to the 90s. The last time I heard this song I was nineteen or twenty years old, and in the Marine Corps. A time-travel song for me.

Author: Jason Jacobs

Jason Jacobs is an artist, project manager, and frontend web designer living and working in Boise, Idaho. Beyond work he spends his time with family, as well as reading, writing articles for Uhmm, and working on his art. All words and opinions, etc., are his and do not reflect the positions or beliefs of anyone other than himself.