First Sculpt Completed

I wrapped up my first sculpt yesterday (now referred to as Uncle Frank). This was a huge learning experience. I made some intial comments in this post: New Artistic Pursuit.

See below for final images of Uncle Frank, and some wrap up commentary.

Wrap Up Commentary

I feel pretty good about this as a first piece, first time sculpt. The head and feet leave a lot to be desired, but that's okay. Going forward, I imagine I'll do the heads separate from the body and then attach. With this pose I felt like I couldn't get into the space between the left arm and the head. Also, the sculpey clay was so soft it made it almost feel as if I was moving goo around with my tools.

The feet: yeah, they are bad. They look more like something the Swamp Thing would be sporting than a male figure stripped of flesh.

I didn't do the ears. Once again - the Sculpey was so gooey when trying to do such a small piece with so much detail. I couldn't get it to work. And honestly, the ears look weird on the reference image anyway. Oh yeah, I used this: Anatomy for Sculptors: 3D Models

I need to investigate measurements for the figures/armatuers. I see people posting their work and referencing the scale, and I don't quite understand how or what they are referring to in regard to the scale. 1/4 scale...1/4 to what? The answer is probably totally obvious but I've yet to have the "Ah-Ha!" moment of understanding.

I thought I was going to just scrap it right away - take the lessons learned and move on. I have to admit, I kind of dig it. So I put it on my shelf for the time being. I suppose I can look at it as a gauge of how much I'm developing over time.

Author: Jason Jacobs

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